Navajo ADULT (Sizes 6 and up) Men’s AND Women’s, Ankle-high moccasins made with commercial Suede leather. (Kélchí)



Regular Ankle High Moccasins are $100.00 a pair plus S&H.

A foot tracing of the intended wearer’s LEFT foot is needed.
Have the wearer stand on a sheet of paper with all their weight on their foot.
Trace their foot with the pen in an upright, vertical position all the way around the foot.
A tracing of only one foot (the LEFT foot) is needed, unless there are foot irregularities such as bunions and other conditions that make a person’s feet have different sizes and shapes. If this is the case, then a tracing of BOTH feet is needed. FOOT TRACINGS MUST BE MAILED TO ME.

Photos of the wearer’s foot are also needed to insure custom fit. Photograph the wearer’s foot from a top view and a side view with your phone and send them via email or text.

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